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Currency US Dollar Euro British Pound Indian Rupee Australlian Dollar Canadian Dollar Swiss Franc Japanese Yen
1 0.85858 0.76040 65.1025 1.30608 1.28546 0.99767 113.980
1.16471 1 0.88565 75.8256 1.52120 1.49719 1.16200 132.754
1.31508 1.12910 1 85.6153 1.71761 1.6905 1.31202 149.894
0.01536 0.01318 0.01168 1 0.02006 0.01974 0.01532 1.75078
0.76564 0.65737 0.58220 49.8456 1 0.98421 0.76386 87.2691
0.77792 0.66791 0.59154 50.6449 1.01603 1 0.77611 88.6686
1.00232 0.86058 0.76217 65.2541 1.30912 1.28846 1 114.246
0.00877 0.00753 0.00667 0.57117 0.01145 0.01127 0.00875 1

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